Pride comes before Boredom


I used to be a book snob. I would only read Literature. Then something wonderful happened. I started to pick books up and read them just because they sounded interesting !! I grew tired of reading the elite and grammatically wonderful world where most of the writers had died in the last century.

In the last few years I have gone on a journey that involved wonderful characters and places that I might have missed if I had stuck to the tried and true. Just recently I finished The Observations by Jane Harris that I bought on a whim. When I met the cemtral character Bessie, I was enthralled. I wanted (maybe needed is more accurate) to hear everything she had to say.

Whenever we open the cover into a new world, we’re really entering into an agreement. The reader will pay for the privilege of escaping reality and the author will create a world that is believable and striking.  A while ago I had nearly given up on most living, breathing writers of books because they didn’t seem to be living up to their end of the deal. Now, however, there just doesn’t seem to be enough time to experience all the new worlds I want to step into. All I can hope is that I don’t do any damage from all this mental gorging…


2 thoughts on “Pride comes before Boredom

  1. So well put! I feel the same way, I love reading an eclectic mix of literary, popular, even the odd trashy fun – any character that engages me and character I want to spend time with will do!! I hope you don’t do yourself any damage 😉

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