Discount Treasure Hunting

As a writer it does make me sad to see the piles of half-off and similarly discounted beautiful novels lying on those tables. It’s not that the leading bookstores are being kind or generous, they simply want to get rid of those little gems. I think how I would feel (heartbroken, inconsolable) if one of those novels were ones that I had spent years of my life (and soul) working on.
Then I think about my very limited bank balance and I have to be grateful for these small mercies. However, there is one benefit to the discount cull. It leads to amazing discovers. You find a hidden treasure in the dusty stacks of forgotten lore. This is how I happened upon Kate Morton. Two novels for 10 bucks. Even if they were crap, it wasn’t a real gamble. I took the pretty pieces home and placed them on my bookcase where they were promptly forgotten in the midst of business. 


A few months later I noticed the same book on my mother’s case. She thought they were interesting and I was reminded of my own copies. Newly intrigued, I went home and took out that first big tome and started. I couldn’t put it down. “The House at Riverton” also known as “The Shifting Fog” in some countries. I was enthralled.  I read straight on to the next one. When I was finished with them both, I was hungry for more. Since then, I buy her books as soon as they are released and at full price.

I guess the moral of the story is that the reduced price was like a taster platter, where I paid a respectable price if I wanted more.


2 thoughts on “Discount Treasure Hunting

  1. I don’t feel sad seeing the discount book tables . Like you discovered, it’s often a second life for books that are no longer new enough to warrant the prime shelf space. What love about electronic publishing is that our books never have to be taken off of the digital shelves.

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