What’s up with the Girls?


I was thinking about the show “Girls” the other day and started to feel really uncomfortable. I don’t what it is about the main character that makes me uneasy. It’s like when someone admits they are a sociopath. In every aspect of her character, Hannah (played by Lena Dunham) we see how truly revolting she has the ability to be. There’s no care in Hannah apart from what directly effects herself.

There’s a lot of mixed reviews regarding Girls. James Franco gives an interesting pros and cons consideration of the show (James Franco: A Dude’s Take on Girls). However, I prefer Joan Rivers’ take (as cutting as it is) as it is not politically correct. Joan slams Lena for being “Outrageously boastful … claiming that she alone has been a pioneer for women in Hollywood”.

I can’t help but wonder how she has been a pioneer for women in any respect. Is it that she portrays characters who are psychologically unbalanced as ones who get what they want? Doesn’t this remind anyone how women were seen and represented 60 years ago. I think this is what unsettles me about Dunham’s creations. I fear that young girls who have the ability to capture attention will set women back if they don’t send the right message. Also, Sex and the City managed to go for six seasons with limited nudity, why do we need to see Dunham naked all the time. No one I know spends that much time with their clothes off.


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