Too many Books..?

How many is too many books when it comes to buying in one lot? I think maybe 100 might be going overboard, but under 10 and over 5? Too much? I just don’t know any more. There’s this great discount store that sells all these brand new shiny pretty rectangles with pages and words inside. I think they might also impregnate the paper with some kind of hallucinogen. On contact with the skin, you instantly believe that you must own a copy. MY PRECIOUS…..


Anyway, I kind of lost the plot with P. D. James. I couldn’t decide if I wanted the girl detective, the boy poet detective, or the Bennetts embroiled in a murder mystery. I don’t know when
I’ll get the chance to read them all, but God help me, I bought them anyway. I think I’ll be lost in crime for the next few weeks. I might come up for a light historical drama in a few days time. Wish me luck.


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