Why We Fail our Reading Goals – Understanding Common Errors in Reading Practice

Food for thought.

Soulful Garden

This is the 3rd week on Bookworm Wednesday. We talked about what makes a good reader and what makes a good read. We also discussed the importance of having the right intention for reading. Today let us examine why many can never seem to pick up and finish a book, regardless their conviction about the importance of reading.

I think there is a social consensus that reading is “good for you”. However this itself is inadequate for a person to form any regular practice. Take exercise, for instance. No matter how convinced our logical mind is about a theory, our own behaviors are largely governed by our subconscious mind. If we fail to understand them and befriend with our subconscious mind, we will face tremendous resistance in the process. Change will unnecessarily become an ordeal. And that’s precisely how most New Year Resolutions die by March…

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