A Guide to Twitter for the Non-Twits

I wish I had this info when I started twittering

The Phil Factor

I don’t get Twitter.” I hear it all the time. I understand though because when I first signed up for Twitter I didn’t “get it” either. Twitter just looked like a stream of consciousness non-sequiturs and random nonsense.

www.trendingimage.com http://www.trendingimage.com

The truth is, a lot of what you find on Twitter is nonsense, but it doesn’t have to be. You can tailor Twitter to be what you want it to be. One of my first experiences with Twitter that showed me that it wasn’t just idiotic, unintelligible banter, was when I was on Twitter during the 2012 Super Bowl. It was like I had walked into a sports bar and everyone was in on the same conversation. They talked about plays as they happened and critiqued the commercials during every break in the action. I even joined in a little and got responses to some of my…

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