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Don’t lose heart, fellow writers. Take a few moments and think about the nerve that went into writing classics that the world would be sad and sorry without. Charlotte Bronte (amongst other female authors of her day) being forced to write under a male pseudonym to be published. Writing as a career has always had its problems. It’s nothing knew to feel angst for having a calling that puts your emotions on display. The following is some advice for reigning in the panic and just carrying on. Good luck!

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Writing on PaperBy Chuck Sambuchino

Literary agents are full of great advice for writers. That’s why, whenever I am concluding an interview with an agent, I always end the encounter by asking “Is there any other piece of advice you’d like to discuss?”

This open-ended question often draws a fantastic answer, as the agent’s most passionate advice will pour out.

That’s why I’ve gone through a whole bunch of literary agent interviews and cobbled together some of the best writing tips that agents have passed on over the years. There was so much good material that I had to break it down into multiple columns. This is Volume I, and you can check out agents’ helpful and inspiring advice below.

And I want to take a moment and say that I’m excited about being a recurring new contributor to Writers in the Storm. You will be seeing more columns from me on…

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