The Spinoff

I recently have in and watched the full (using the term loosely here) season of Ravenswood. For those of you who don’t know, this is a spinoff of the teen drama / thriller / mystery Pretty Little Liars. I’m not ashamed to admit that I am a fan of PLL and have bought most of the dvds as soon as they come out. However, I was hesitant to watch Ravenswood because of the small amount of episodes. All up, we have 10 (10?) Eps and this is supposed to wrap up the entire story? Then there was the other problem of expecting to see the girls from PPL show up and the disappointment when they didn’t.


I love spinoffs. Without them we wouldn’t have shows like Melrose Place (from Beverly Hills 90210) or its tacky but glorious own spinoff, Models Inc (with a very short shelf-life).

Unfortunately, Ravenswood did just the thing I feared: it drew me in, captured my attention and then ended. I was left with the annoying question of “Is that all there is?” The question that makes you want to find the writer and shake all the answers out of them. Oh, and another thing that annoyed me was the phrase “original Caleb” and “original Miranda” on repeat till I was cringing.

What’s your favorite spinoff? Did it live up to expectation?


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