Are You Book-Worthy? by Nicole Eva Fraser

Indigo Sea Press Blog

hemingway quote for are you book-worthy

Most people don’t want to write—they want to have written.

That’s a wry writers’ saying, reflecting the fact that the average person who declares “I want to write a book” really means “I want to be a world-famous bestselling author who rakes in the millions and is universally worshiped.”

However—the book-worthy person is not the average person.

To be book-worthy, the following five statements must be true of you.

(1) You have a book inside you. A book that NEEDS to be written.  

Your book has commandeered your consciousness. It’s part of you. It’s physical. Visceral. It is your phantom limb. It has suctioned itself to the front and the back of your brain. It has sunk its teeth into your leg and won’t let go.

I’m not saying your book must be a world-changing work of staggering length. I’m not even saying it has to be hard or time-consuming to write. I’m…

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