Guest post by David Wright – Serialization: A Timely Return for the Digital Age?

I’m serialy (ha) thinking about this. It’s an exciting possibility.

David Gaughran

One of the most exciting aspects of the indie revolution is seeing writers moving beyond straitjacketed definitions of what a story or book should be.

We have seen a resurgence in short stories, a rebirth of the novella, and, as you will see below, some fascinating experiments with serialized fiction.

All of these forms were held back by the economics of print and the risk-averse nature of publishers and agents.

Self-publishers, of course, are free to publish whatever they like.

Today, I have an excellent guest post from one half of a writing duo that is doing just that – with great results. Here’s David Wright:

“To be continued…”

I first discovered these three magical words in the pages of comic books as a child, and I instantly I fell in love with the concept of serialized fiction. 

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