The “Silo” Trilogy


How to find the words to do justice to this amazing series? Tantalising? Mind – blowing? I think I will settle for spectacular. Wool, Shift, then Dust is a finely tuned world of life taking place in a not-too distant future. Here’s the rub – they live underground in huge silos with only a small glimpse at the world on top.

The world follows similar patterns of futuristic worlds in that there are very specific rules to follow and intense (sometimes lethal) consequences for the rebels.

It didn’t take long for me to get sucked into the story and rip through the books, one by one. It reminded me of reading John Wyndham for the first time. That feeling when you experience the previously unknown voice of a spectacular author who makes the very act of reading feel effortless.

If you’ve got some spare weekends coming and you need some truly inspired dystopia for entertainment, this series is your answer. I can’t remember feeling so strongly about a group of foctional characters. It’s a wild ride of the imagination.