Oldies but Goodies


I’ve been watching a lot of “old” comedies and sitcoms these days, marvelling over a few thing. Firstly, that they managed to get so many episodes into the American shows and yet the UK comedies (which I mostly prefer) have so few. Why is that? Is it the money? Are they worried that you can have too much of a good thing? Is it a mixture of both? I’ve also been amazed that the funny is still there. I still laugh at Seinfeld and Raymond 10 years. Is this telling of the quality of the show, or do I have a disturbing need for repetition?

It’s always fun to see actors at the beginning.  You get onto IMDB every few minutes because you know you’ve seen them before, but don’t know where. You can also learn some interesting little bits of trivia. Such as, Zoe Wanamaker was originally born in the US, but moved to the UK when her her director father (Sam) was blacklisted during the Macarthy regime.