So much happens everyday day, doesn’t it? Sometimes we’re spoilt for choice. We sit and scroll through the pages telling us about music and theatre, circus acts, movies, bungee jumping etc. It seems that there’s always something to do, yet we sit at home, frozen because we can’t decide. What to do? When to do it? Then, you wake up at 3:30 AM with nothing to do but sit on the couch, watching TV and hoping that sleep will eventually claim you before the sun rises.

This is the nature of my sleeplessness. You don’t need to take any mind-altering substances when you can’t sleep. Everything takes on a hue that is not quite real. Your actions become slower, like walking through water, but your mind is very alert. “What to do, what to do” becomes a mantra. Then there is only one thing that you can do that doesn’t make you feel like your life is wasting away and dark circles under your eyes is the only thing to show for it: Write.

Haha!! I am a writer. I always used to enjoy writing as a child and then as a teenager. It was easy and cheap to escape to a land where all the rules were created by yours truly. It’s nice to be able to put words in the mouth of a character and have them do what it is that you wish you had either a) the ability b) the courage or c) the time to be able to do yourself. A fantasy enacted on the page might be the focus, or a nightmare too. The world is clamouring for the world of dystopia. Why else would science fiction be so popular?

This is the first of my weekly posts (I’ll try my hardest to be weekly in my ramblings) so stay tuned for more. And I’d love to hear from any up-and-coming authors (or published writers who have the time) on their thoughts and opinions.

See you on the next calendar page…