Nip/Tuck Obsession (or is that revulsion?)


When this series was first screened, I caught one or two episodes, but never really got into it until Rose McGowan appeared in what may have been the last season. Then I couldn’t stop. Looking around for something new to watch, I thought I could start from the beginning and catch up.

I have never been so repulsed and intrigued by a show. Ever. Firstly the blood and guts during all the operations is GRAPHIC. I don’t think I’ve ever looked away from the screen so much while desperately needing to know what is going on. I also find myself groaning in horror so often. It really is like witnessing a car wreck. Then, there are the characters themselves.

I continue to watch, though, and occasionally avert my eyes. I think I’m really just fascinated to see how shocking it can really get. Bring on the horror.