Today in History (November 30)

I just loved the Anne books

Coastal Book Gal

On November 30, 1874, Lucy Maud Montgomery was born in Clifton, Prince Edward Island, Canada. As L.M. Montgomery, she published 20 novels, more than 500 short stories, an autobiography, and a book of poetry during her lifetime. Like generations of readers before me, I first discovered Montgomery through her classic Anne of Green Gables series. (Montgomery’s descriptions of Prince Edward Island began my lifelong obsession with the Maritime provinces, which has added to my enjoyment of such things as the Memorial Cup championship and myfavoriteband.)

While I enjoy the Anne books, my heart belongs to the Emily of New Moon trilogy, which Montgomery published between 1923 and 1927. After the death of her beloved father, Emily Starr is sent to live with relatives on a Prince Edward Island farm. The complex family dynamics and eccentric townsfolk are not portrayed through rose-colored glasses, and the honest, occasionally snarky…

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A Guide to Twitter for the Non-Twits

I wish I had this info when I started twittering

The Phil Factor

I don’t get Twitter.” I hear it all the time. I understand though because when I first signed up for Twitter I didn’t “get it” either. Twitter just looked like a stream of consciousness non-sequiturs and random nonsense.

The truth is, a lot of what you find on Twitter is nonsense, but it doesn’t have to be. You can tailor Twitter to be what you want it to be. One of my first experiences with Twitter that showed me that it wasn’t just idiotic, unintelligible banter, was when I was on Twitter during the 2012 Super Bowl. It was like I had walked into a sports bar and everyone was in on the same conversation. They talked about plays as they happened and critiqued the commercials during every break in the action. I even joined in a little and got responses to some of my…

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How to Send and Receive Hotmail from Your Gmail Account

If you are at all like me and are annoyed at having to go to multiple email accounts to ensure that you don’t miss anything, this is an extremely handy post. It took no time at all to set up and now I don’t have to use my infected Hotmail account!! Yay!!  How to Send and Receive Hotmail from Your Gmail Account.

Why We Fail our Reading Goals – Understanding Common Errors in Reading Practice

Food for thought.

Soulful Garden

This is the 3rd week on Bookworm Wednesday. We talked about what makes a good reader and what makes a good read. We also discussed the importance of having the right intention for reading. Today let us examine why many can never seem to pick up and finish a book, regardless their conviction about the importance of reading.

I think there is a social consensus that reading is “good for you”. However this itself is inadequate for a person to form any regular practice. Take exercise, for instance. No matter how convinced our logical mind is about a theory, our own behaviors are largely governed by our subconscious mind. If we fail to understand them and befriend with our subconscious mind, we will face tremendous resistance in the process. Change will unnecessarily become an ordeal. And that’s precisely how most New Year Resolutions die by March…

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Showing vs. Telling

Great advice.

A Writer's Path


If there was one piece of writing advice I disliked most as a new writer, it certainly was “Show, don’t tell.” Initially, I had no idea what it meant. Self-help writing blogs often toss this phrase around without examples. I even had a critique done on my writing once, and the person critiquing said this phrase several times but offered no help on what showing actually meant.

Finally, I stumbled upon a quote that changed my outlook on writing forever.

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