Indie (?) Author Interview: Hugh Howey

I loved the Wool Trilogy. I was lucky enough to find it when all three paper backs were available. Then I just ripped through the lot of them.

The Phil Factor

Hi Hugh and welcome to #ThePhilFactor. Thanks for taking the time to share some thoughts with my readers. First off, I just want everyone to know that the question mark above is not questioning if you are an author, but if you are an indie author. The answer may be both. For those of my readers who are not familiar with Hugh’s work by name, you’ve no doubt seen the cover of the Omnibus Edition of his New York Times and USA Today bestselling Wool series in bookstores. Hugh has also penned the award winning Molly Fyde series.  Hugh initially published his work independently through Kindle Direct Publishing as many of us do and now he has a contract with Simon & Schuster but retains his electronic publishing rights.


TPF: Hugh, you’re living the dream every self-publishing indie writer has of having a story find its audience and really take…

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